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Houses Bottles - Ingrid Vaca Diez's Ecological Housing



About us

We are an institution of volunteer people that want to contribute with our region to have a better life, we notice the reality that our country lives in and that is the reason why we can’t stay with our arms crossed.

We work with the poorest families among the poor people. We make each member participate, neighbors, friends and family members and let them have in a small portion what they don’t have. They help building the house, in the education area, in credits, in basic works and in a communitarian development. This is the way we focus for a constant fight against poverty, injustice and the lack of opportunities.

To make this happen we look for people who think that poverty is every body’s problem. We have a conviction that the world is better and has equalities if we all make a purpose to make a better world.


Eradicate extreme poverty that actually Bolivia lives in, where no family keeps having the necessity of any kind of living conditions and has the opportunities of a life quality



To make each and every person and society work together as a team, to compromise and extend their hand for the homeless, work with the families in extreme poverty, to be able to build houses





Houses Bottles - Ingrid Vaca Diez's Ecological Housing

Doble Vía La Guardia esq. 6to. Anillo-- -- (591-3) 356-7678
Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Houses Bottles - Ingrid Vaca Diez's Ecological Housing